Why can FVF say Yes when my bank told me No?

Although FVF is a lender, we are not a bank. This means that we look at your company and financing request differently than a traditional lender does. We focus on the quality of your service, the management of the company, and creditworthiness of your customers. We then provide you a financing facility by leveraging the dollars tied up in your receivables.

How can FVF 's working capital solutions help my company?

We've helped thousands of companies overcome various challenges but our solutions typically allow our clients to have:

  • Financial strength & stability
  • Cash flow to meet payroll
  • Ability to build strong vendor relationships
  • Ability to meet increased customer demands
  • Managed growth
  • Ability to add employees to meet demand
  • Comprehensive accounts receivable portfolio management
  • Increased likelihood of establishing future traditional lending relationships

YES! We can work with you.

FVF works with small to medium sized transportation companies and many other industries as well. Our strength is in being able to custom design a program to meet your specific needs. If your company has annual sales at or projected to be at least $250,000 to a maximum of $20 million, yet you continue to face one or more of the following challenges, call FVF so that we can help you say, "Yes!"

  • Cash gaps that make it difficult to meet payroll or fuel supplier deadlines
  • Start up company
  • Minimal or negative net worth
  • Operating losses
  • Tax liens
  • Personal or business bankruptcy
  • Challenges with current lender

FVF can get your cash flow moving!

Yes! At First Vancouver Finance (FVF ), we understand the unique business challenges you face in the transportation industry. That is why FVF is unlike other funding sources.

Since 1986 , FVF has served the specialized working capital needs within the transportation industry. FVF has the resources and experience of serving the cash flow needs of emerging companies during both strong and challenging economies. By eliminating the time it takes to be paid on invoices, FVF helps you to better manage your business for maximum profitability & growth. Would it help your business if you could get paid by all your customers in 1 day instead of 30 or more?


Here is what one of our clients says about us:

"When we told our banker what we needed to accomplish, he recommended that we talk with (FVF ). One of our biggest concerns was that we did not want to be "locked in" to a long-term commitment. We knew we had found the right fit when you assured us that many of your clients use FVF as a short-term solution and that it is your goal to provide services until we decide the company's cash flow has stabilized and we can be our own bank."
Bob Hinkle
Southwestern Trucking, Inc.